foxin smps 800s

FOXIN FPS 800 12 volt DC SMPS Power Supply

1,300.00 900.00

Colour: Multicolour
Power: 12 volt DC
Great for computers

Motherboard connector
20+4 Pin x 1

ATX / CPU connector
(4+4) x 1

SATA connector
 x 4

4-pin Peripheral / Molex connector
x 4

PCI-e connector
 (6+2) x 1


Foxin FPS 800 SMPS Review & Specifications

Here is the complete review of Foxin FPS 800 SMPS and its technical specifications.

Build Quality

The build quality of the SMPS is average and not that great when comparing it to the likes of Corsair and Cooler Master power supplies. The SMPS comes in all black color with a red color fan on top of it. The wires are relatively on the thinner side and you have to take care of them when handling the SMPS.

Fan, Cables & Connectors

Foxin FPS 800PSU comes with a 120mm Fan which runs quite silent even at heavy load. The speed of the fan is about 2200 / 2500 RPM. The power supply comes with required number of cables and connectors including the PCI-e (6+2) pin connector for graphics card.

Connector NameQuantity & Pin Type
Motherboard connector20+4 Pin x 1
ATX / CPU connector(4+4) x 1
SATA connector x 4
4-pin Peripheral / Molex connectorx 4
PCI-e connector (6+2) x 1

Current on 12V Rail

Now we come to the most important part which is the amount of current present on the 12V Rail. Foxin FPS 800 SMPS has dual 12V rails and has total of 45A (22A + 23A) current. The amount of current present on the 12V rail is most important because this 12V rail is responsible for providing current or power to all the major components in your PC that includes processor, motherboard, hard disk, graphics card, fans etc. For an 800 Watt SMPS 45A current on 12V rail is very less and it is in the range of a 550W to 600W SMPS. This is because the entry series 550W and 650W SMPS from Corsair has 42A and 50A current on its 12V rail. So in my opinion Foxin FPS 800 SMPS is more of a 500W to 600W SMPS and it is definitely not an 800W SMPS.

Below are the voltage / current tables for Foxin FPS 800, Corsair VS550 and Corsair VS650 SMPS.

 Foxin FPS 800 SMPS
DC Voltage+5V+3.3V+12V1+12V2-12V+5VSB


Warranty :

2 Year Service Warranty

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions16 × 10 × 23 cm


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